Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wore Winners In The Great Roger Rabbit Collectibles Giveaway

Here they are, fans.  The next round of winners in The Great Roger Rabbit Collectibles Giveaway Extravaganza.

Remember, the task was to tell me what costumes Roger and Jessica would wear to a costume party.  As you might imagine, with almost 1,000 entries, a lot of fans suggested the same costumes.  That was the case here.  These three all gave me the same answer.  Their answer was so dead on, that I’m awarding all three of them honorable mentions.  They’ll each receive an extremely rare zillion simoleon note autographed by me.

The three winners are William J. Hansard, Bill Cotter, and the talented (and spot-on Jessica Rabbit look-alike) Layla Faith Cisco who even sent me artwork.

Their answer, Roger and Jessica would go to a costume party as Tex Avery’s Wolfie and Red Hot Riding.

Nice going, you three.  Your zillion simoleon notes will be on their way soon.

Toon in tomorrow for more winning costumes.

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