Friday, September 5, 2014

What a Great Costume Idea This One Is!!!!

Here’s the next winner in The Great Roger Rabbit Collectibles Giveaway Extravaganza.

Remember, the task was to tell me what costumes Roger and Jessica would wear to a costume party.  I told you all to think like Toontownians, waaaay outside the box.  Here’s a winner who did.

His name is Nate Singleton For his extremely creative entry, he’ll be getting an extremely rare zillion simoleon note autographed by me.

Nate’s answer: They would go as a classic Las Vegas neon sign. "The Ink And Paint Club Hotel & Casino"!!! Jessica would be positively glowing.  Roger would be all bent around and twisty and would be flashing on and off like a short-circuited looney.

Good going, Nate!  That’s the kind of twisted logic that makes Toontown great!

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