Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shmoo You Too!

We’re getting close, Roger Rabbit fans.  Tomorrow I announce the first of the two winners in the Great Roger Rabbit Collectibles Extravaganza Giveaway.  In the meantime, here’s an Honorable Honorable Mention.  This one was submitted by the creative and talented Adam Antium Nunez.  If you’ll remember, he WON the first giveaway.  I stated that fans could submit as many entries as they wanted.  This was Adam's second entry.  It’s a hum dinger.  Had Adam not won before, he would have won again with this original, inspired, and imaginative scenario.  Plus Adam gets extra points for incorporating yours truly into his scenario.

Good going, Adam.  No award for this, but only because you already got one.  You do get two thumbs up from me, two ears up from the Rabbit, and from Jessica…. Well let’s just say that she likes it too.

The question was, if Roger and Jessica went to a costume party, what costumes would they wear.

Adam’s answer:

Roger would dress up as The Shmoo, and Jessica would dress up as the lovely Daisy May.

No Toon party is complete without having Gary K. Wolf around! He dresses up as Li'l Abner and spends the evening in a heavy sweat as Jessica shamelessly flirts with his alter ego.

Roger spends most of the evening Shmoo-ing it up to a delighted audience, but almost loses his cool when he sees Jessica and Gary together. Determined to show her two can play at that game, Roger downs some spiked punch and looks around the room, finding Brunhilde from What's Opera, Doc? Not recognizing a subtly costumed Bugs Bunny, Roger starts showering him with compliments while downing even more punch. Bugs plays along, naturally.

Roger and Jessica lose sight of each other as the night goes on. Once Jessica's shameless flirting has caused Gary's costume to melt into a rubbery puddle on the floor, she gives him a sweet kiss on the forehead and goes searching for Roger, who is now on the dance floor dancing the "Two Bunny Tango" with a very amused Bugs. Gary, on the other hand, is leaning against the wall with a look of relief upon his face now that he has poured his drink and ice down his shirt.

Daffy, dressed as Elmer Fudd, is fuming at Bugs being in the spotlight yet again. He bounds to the dance floor, bumping Roger the Shmoo out of the way and into Jessica's waiting arms. He joins Bugs in the Tango, determined to upstage him so everyone will recognize him for the comic genius he is.

The dance ends abruptly when Bugs dips Daffy, places a rose in his beak, and spins him so fast that Daffy is drilled into the floor. Once the drilling sound stops, there is a moment of silence, followed by a mighty KABOOM, and the clatter of a duck beak falling to the floor. A withered featherless arm reaches up from the hole, grabs the beak, taps off the ash, and retreats to the hole. Moments later, a bald Daffy slinks away, humiliated again.

Roger glances over and looks at Daffy through punch drunk eyes and says, "Look, Jessica! A plucked duck!" before promptly passing out.

Waddya think, Roger fans?  Ain’t that a gasser?

Come back tomorrow for the first of our two big winners.

Until then, stay tooned.

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