Saturday, September 6, 2014

More Roger Rabbit Costume Winners!

Here are the next two winners in the Great Roger Rabbit Collectibles Giveaway.  Remember, the task was to tell me what costumes Roger and Jessica would wear to a costume party.  Two people came up with the same incredible answer.  So I’m giving them both honorable mentions.

The two winners are Christopher Fording and Jean-Pierre Vidrine.  Good going, guys.  You’ll both be getting an extremely rare zillion simoleon note autographed by me.

The winning costumes: Roger and Jessica would go as Popeye and Olive Oyl.  Roger loves being a Toon and enjoys paying homage to those Toons that came before him. Jessica may not be into it as much as Roger, but she'd go along with it to make him happy. Baby Herman comes with them dressed as Sweet Pea.

Congratulations, guys!  Don’t spend all  your simoleons in one place.

Toon in tomorrow for more winners!

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