Monday, August 25, 2014

The First Winning Entry!

This is what won Adam Nunez First Prize in my big Roger Rabbit rare collectibles giveaway extravaganza.  The question was, if Roger and Jessica Rabbit went to a costume party, what costumes would they wear.

Here is Adam's answer.

Roger has had a wonderful career in films, and a fulfilling life with his wonderful wife, Jessica. Being a natural born star, Roger didn't get some of the same opportunities others did. While some rabbits waited on tables or told jokes at an open mic, Roger was being discovered by some of the biggest names in toons. His rise to superstardom was meteoric!

Always aiming to please, Roger thought long and hard about what he and Jessica might transform into for a costume party. Popping his rejected ideas as though they were balloons at the end of a party, Roger stumbled on to something that sent him reeling, and also gave him a great idea. He figured out a way he could do something he had always wanted to do.

It was his top hat from the film Bohemian Rabbitsy, in which he played the rich uncle who lost all of his money betting on turtle races only to find out his nephew had made a fortune breeding racing turtles.

Roger imagined what he could do at a party with a nice top hat. Jessica saw what he was thinking and declared it brilliant!

The night of the party, Jessica entered alone, dressed as a stunning magician. Casually milling about, she placed the top hat on a nearby table along with a sign that said, "Just say the magic words".

As folks wandered by, the occasional curious soul would come up with whatever they could muster. Most folks went with the usual "Hocus Pocus" or "Abracadabra". Roger never missed a chance to magically emerge from the top hat, land with his usual flair upon the nearby table. With a tip of his cane, he thrust the hat into the air just right, so it landed perfectly atop his head as he shouted, "TAAA-DAAAAAA!" Once the laughter died down, Roger went back into hiding, barely able to contain his excitement. Ready for anything, he listened closely as Jerry Mouse hopped onto the table and tapped the rhythm Roger loved so well. "Tap - tap - ta - tap - tap". After a short beat, a skinny white arm shot into the air holding a rotating barber pole as a voice inside the hat sang, "Twooooo biiiiits!" before sliding back into the hat with a mighty WHOOSH and THUNK.

Rebel Wolf walked by whistling his tune and said, "Man alive. It shore must be tough gettin' a haircut 'round heah," before continuing on his way.

As the party continued, Roger left his hiding place and donned his magician's assistant outfit so he could accompany Jessica for the rest of the night. 

Sensing an opportunity, Wile E Coyote took Roger's old spot, placing a small plate of bird seed on the table in his usual fashion. As Foghorn Leghorn decided to try a sample, Wile E's furry paws grabbed him around the neck. Unfazed, Foghorn dismissed the seed and declared, "I say, boy, if you're tryin' to catch yourself a bird, you're doin' it all wrong. All wrong, I say."

Wile E's eyes grew as big as saucers as he exited the hat and realized the size of his catch. Licking his lips, he released Foghorn so he could don his napkin and grab his knife and fork. 

Foghorn, having dodged this sort of thing for years, casually grabbed a nearby serving tray. Wile E rang like a bell the second his fork hit the tray, encouraging him to call it a night. Foghorn grabbed the hat and flicked it to Roger, saying, "Here y'are, son. We don't want no more trouble with this now, do we? Wait. Gimme that hat." Foghorn took it back, slamming the top of it with his hand several times to ensure it was empty. 3 minutes, 6 watches, 17 dalmations, a faucet, and 2 confused cats later, he was satisfied and handed it back to Roger.

"What a great night, Jessica!" Roger exclaimed.

"It was, my dear," Jessica cooed. "Now for one more trick."

"Oh boy! I love tricks!"

With a tap of her wand on the table, Jessica gave Roger the most luscious nasal clearing kiss she could. Ears clanging, eyes bulging, and bow tie spinning, Roger held on with his lips as his body spun and contorted uncontrollably. Just before passing out, Roger sighed, "Jessica, you ARE magic..."

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