Monday, August 25, 2014

And The First Winner Was.....Adam Nunez!

Here's the first winner of my big, big, big Roger Rabbit collectibles extravaganza giveaway contest.  Adam Nunez, posing with his priceless collection of winnings, a Blu-ray DVD of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a limited edition printed copy of my new book Who Wacked Roger Rabbit, and an extremely rare zillion simoleon note all autographed by me.

To refresh your memories, I asked fans to tell me what Roger and Jessica would wear to a costume party. The answers I got were incredible.  Very creative stuff.  The awards committee had a tough time picking a winner.

Adam’s answer was so wackadoodle, so funny, so bizarre, so quirky that I suspect Adam might be a Toon himself.

If you didn’t win this time, there’s still plenty of contest left.  I’ll give away a second set of prizes, the DVD, the book, and the note, on August 30.  Same rules.  What would Roger and Jessica wear to a costume party.

If you already entered, your entry is still in play.  Enter again if you want to.  There’s no limit.  I’ll happily read ‘em all.

Send your entries to

Be creative, think waaaay outside the box.  Remember, these are Toons we’re talking about.

Until next time, this is Gary K. Wolf saying have fun and stay Tooned.

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