Saturday, April 26, 2014

Space Vulture, Me, and the Pope.

Wolfman's T-Shirt of the Day.  

This is the cover of the book I co-wrote with my best friend from childhood days John J. Myers, the Catholic Archbishop of Newark.  We wrote the book as an homage to Space Hawk, a book we both read in the third grade, and the book which gave us both on to a lifelong love of science fiction.

In our later years, John introduced me to soon-to-be-saint Pope John Paul.  The Pope told me he was a big fan of my Roger Rabbit movie.  He had a personal copy which he watched whenever he felt the need for a good chuckle.  John had told me this fact, so I was prepared.  I gave the Pope an autographed Roger Rabbit doll.  The Pope laughed, took the rabbit by the ears, and blessed me with it.

There's a man who deserves to be a saint.

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