Saturday, April 12, 2014

Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys

Wolfman's T-shirt of the Day. 

Big Sandy and his Fly-rite Boys.  Autographed by Big Sandy himself. 

If you like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, you'll love Big Sandy.  He plays a real thumping brand of country rock and roll. 

Yeah, yeah, I know the photo's blurry, but so was I when got the Tee.  There's a tradition at Big Sandy shows for the audience to buy tequila shots after every song for Big Sandy and the band.  This goes on all night.  So by the end of the show, you wonder how Big Sandy is able to stand up let alone keep playing.  Same went for me that night since I stood for at least six rounds. Now you start to understand where Eddie Valiant gets his love for booze.

Check out Big Sandy's music here.  And if you ever get a chance, see him live.  You'll be singing, you'll be dancing, and I guarantee you be leaving whoozy!

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