Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where Do Toons Come From?

Good evening to all my loyal listeners from North to South, East to West, up to down, and points in between. This is columnist Walter Windchill, the coldest man in Toontown, broadcasting live on location from Lindy’s iHop in Toontown.
Walter Windchill
As the leading expert of all things Toon, I've been asked before, and I'm sure I'll be asked again,  "Where do Toons come from?"
The answer is as convoluted as what goes on inside those crazy Toonie heads of theirs.
Some of them, the older Toons, were found out in the garden under cabbage plants.  Or they fell off the backs of turnip trucks.  Or they were delivered by storks who dropped them down chimneys.  The storks where, themselves, Toons. Please don't ask me where the Toon storks who delivered the Toon babies came from, or we'll be here all day.  Cleaning up the mess made by my head exploding.
I do know one origin story to be absolutely true.  Our old bunny buddy Roger Rabbit was born in the head of an animator named Dick Williams.  Dick also gave birth to the Pink Panther, so he's no stranger to Toontown delivery rooms.
Here's a picture Dick drew which gives you an idea of Roger's gestation.  The little sign in the middle reads "Warner characters, Disney articulation, Avery humor."  The Avery of which Dick speaks is Tex Avery who produced some of the funniest cartoons ever filmed at the Maroon Studios.  When I asked Roger buddy Gary K. Wolf about this, he told me that this Warner/Disney/Avery conflux was exactly what he was trying for when he wrote the novel that first brought Roger to public attention.
Dick won an Academy Award for creating Roger.  I'm sure you'll agree with me.  He deserved his Oscar.  

And that, good listeners, is where Roger Rabbit came from.

This is Walter Windchill, your man in Toontown, wishing you good night and good news.

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