Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rich Custard Dishes

Walter Windchill

Good evening to all my loyal listeners from North to South, East to West, up to down, and all points in between. This is Walter Windchill broadcasting live from Radio Station WOOPS in Toontown. 

Tart-tongued tell-tale
Rich Custard
The mystery of the moment gets even murkier.  As one of my reporters reportedly reported, box office bwana Gary Cooper and potentate producer Barney Sands were spotted bungalowing together at Columbia Studios.

I’ve got an update on that hush-hush get-together from my personal, private, and confidential source, tart-tongued tell-tale, Rich Custard.
According to Custard, this scoop’s both sweet and sour.  Coop’s up for a starring role in the new Barney Sands opus Hi, Toon!  It’s being filmed entirely in Toontown.  Unfortunately, there’s a villainous viper very, very high up the malevolent meter who doesn’t want this movie made. This shoe fly has threatened to boot Cooper to kingdom come if Coops sets foot in looney land.

According to Custard, second rate window peeper and third rate muscle Eddie Valiant is on the case, protecting Barney's asset.  Can Valiant do it?  Who knows.  The proof will be in the pudding.  Thanks, Custard, for serving us up this spicy soufflĂ©.

Keep listening, folks.  This story’s still hot and cooking.

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