Saturday, September 21, 2013

Re-Introducing.....Walter Windchill

How you doing out there, all you Toontowners?

By now, you’ve probably heard the exciting news.  There’s a new Roger Rabbit novel coming down the toonpike.  It’s titled Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? It will be published November 29, 2013.  

Last year, while I was hunched over the old Smith Corona hunting and pecking my way through the new book, a friend of mine Walter Windchill agreed to write my blog for me.  

Walter works as a gossip columnist for the Toontown Telltale.  He dishes the dirt about what’s going on uptown, downtown, and all round Toontown.  He’s a very nosey newsman.  Or maybe a newsy knows man.  One or the other.

Just in case you missed any of Walter's tiny Toonie tidbits, I'm going to repost them over the next few weeks.

Stay Tooned.  Walter's got the straight story on everything going on in Toontown.

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