Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jessica Rabbit In China

I just got back from a six week trip to China.

While I was there, I gave a number of lectures to college-level art, writing, and animation students.

 At one of these lectures in Beijing, I was trying to explain who I was and what I had done.  My audience was a group of 20-25 year old young men who were studying fine arts.

Disney is not well known in China.  You don’t see the abundance of Mickey Mouse T-shirts so common around the world.  These young men shook their heads when I mentioned Roger Rabbit.  They had never heard of him.  Same with Eddie Valiant, Baby Herman, and Benny the Cab.  They had never heard of these characters.

Then I mentioned Jessica Rabbit.

I immediately got a response.  The young men started nodding and saying something in Chinese.

I asked my translator what they were saying.

My translator told me their comments translated roughly to “Big melons.”

That’s my Jessica Rabbit! A standard of excellence wherever fresh fruit is sold.

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