Friday, August 30, 2013

Fan Artwork for Who Censored Roger Rabbit?

This is a drawing done by a talented young artist named Justin Sneed.  He's doing a series of illustrations based on my original Roger Rabbit novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? That's the novel that eventually became Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  As you might know, I posed on the cover of that novel as Eddie Valiant. This is my favorite of Justin's drawings.  He nails my essence as a craggy, hard-bitten, wanna-be private eye.  If you're in his virtual neighborhood, check out his other Roger Rabbit drawings. Here's a link to his site.  He's very, very good. Believe me, you're gonna be hearing a lot more from this young man in the future. If you haven't read the book and don't have a clue what he's drawing about, go to, download it, and catch up.

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