Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bad Boy Author Gary K. Wolf Up For Major Screen Role

Good evening to all my loyal listeners from North to South, East to West, up to down, and all points in between. This is Walter Windchill broadcasting live from Radio Station WOOPS in Toontown. 

This just in. Big breaking news.

I got this straight from a little birdie who got it directly from the horse’s mouth.

Rumor has it that short-tempered, fast living, fist fighting, hard drinking literary bad boy Gary K. Wolf is up for a major starrer in Barney Sands's new Roger Rabbit/Gary Cooper opus currently set up at Columbia. What kind of role could they possibly have to suit a short-fused firecracker like the Wolfman? This could mean big trouble’s coming to that set. The Wolfman and Cooper are like oil and water. They’re not going to mix well. One of them, and my guess is Wolf, is going to sink way, way to the bottom since that's where Wolf usually feeds anyway. This casting call boggles the mind.  Can the Wolfman even act? I’ve known him to act up, act out, act before he thinks, act against nature, act out of sorts, act irrationally, and take no action whatsoever, but I’ve never known him to act normal. Should be interesting to see how this scribe composes himself on the silver screen.

Stay Tooned! This could get interesting.

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