Friday, December 14, 2012

What the Duese?

Good evening to all my loyal listeners from North to South, East to West, up to down, and all points in between. This is Walter Windchill broadcasting live from Radio Station WOOPS in Toontown.

Here’s a juicy tidbit a couple of little birdies told me.

Toontown’s flying fun flock, Woody, Heckle, Jeckle, Tweetie, and Donald, were winging their way South yesterday on their way to sample some of that potent Mexican bird seed they like so much when they photoed a doozy of a Duese parked outside Barney Sands's bungalow on the Columbia Studios lot.  Unless I miss my guess, and I rarely do, that’s a custom built 1935 Duesenberg SSJ.  What’s that I see when I study the bird brains' pic through a magnifying glass? Do I make out the name COOP written in gold on the door?  Indeed I do!

Only one COOP I know with the luxurious taste and legal tender to drive an auto of that quality out of a Beverly Hills showroom. That would be none other than current box office kingpin Gary Cooper. I’ve been hearing rumors that the cultured Cooper is going to star against type in a Barney Sands-produced screwball comedy called Hi, Toon!.  It’s going to be shot entirely in Toontown. I’ve also heard that his co-star is going to be none other than that bugsy bunny Roger Rabbit.

Stay Tooned, folks. This scoop on Coop's coupe is shaping up as a prime pip-a-rootie.

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