Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introducing... Walter Windchill

How you doing out there, all you Toontowners?  By now, you’ve probably heard the exciting news.  There’s a new Roger Rabbit novel coming down the toonpike.  It’s titled Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? It will be published by Musa in 2013.  For the next couple of months, while I’m hunched over the old Smith Corona hunting and pecking my way through the new book, a good friend of mine has agreed to write my blog for me.  You’re gonna like him.  He’s got a  dipsy doodle writing style very similar to my own. Except he deals in fact instead of fancy.  He’s one of the few humans who lives full-time in Toontown.  His name is Walter Windchill.  He works as a gossip columnist for the Toontown Telltale.  He’ll dish the dirt about what’s going on uptown, downtown, and all round Toontown.  He’s a very nosey newsman.  Or maybe a newsy knows man.  One or the other.  His column is called Toontown Through a Keyhole. Walter will be delivering a regular dose of tiny Toonie tidbits to my website blog. Check back often.  I’ve read his stuff.  It’s unbelievable.  Trust me.  You won’t want to miss a word.


Patricia said...

Congratulations on your collaboration with Musa. I'm also published with Musa and I want to welcome you aboard!

Disney Echo said...

Great news! I've been waiting for another edition about Roger Rabbit, Jessica, and all the Toontown gang. Sounds like "Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?" will be very wacky. I'll be following Walter Windchill's blog as well because it sounds very cool.