Friday, April 18, 2014

Boris the Cat Goes For the Rabbit.

Wolfman's T-shirt of the Day. 

My big Birman cat Boris has taken a liking to my Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? Tee.  So much so that he scopes it out at every opportunity to see if he can find a way to slip inside it.

So far he's been unsuccessful.  But he keeps trying.  The hallmark of a cat.

To find out why big Boris is so interested in this Tee, check out the book advertised on the front.  Available cheap at a download near you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A real, live redheaded Jessica!

Wolfman's Tee and Me.

Eat your hearts out, guys.  Here's me in my Jessica Rabbit Salute Tee posing with an authentic, gorgeous, redheaded Jessica.

This one is Jess Ray, my yoga instructor. 

Wish I could keep her with me forever.  She's obviously the perfect accessory for this Tee!

2000 Boston Marathon

Wolfman's T-Shirt of the Day.

The Boston Marathon is coming up.  I've run the race on 16 occasions with a best time of 2:47. Now, I'm one of the cheering faces in the crowd, encouraging runners younger and fitter than I am.

I didn't watch the race last year because I was home packing for my trip to China which left the following day.  My usual viewing location is at the finish line, right in front of Marathon Sports.  Had I been there that day, I would have been standing right next to the first bomb.  Karma. 

My good friend ej Caterson, a plastic surgeon who does a lot of work with badly wounded Army soldiers, was doing surgery that day at the Brigham and Women's Hospital.   He had just finished up a long case when the marathon wounded started coming in.  He started operating on them and didn't stop for the next 24 hours.  Because of his experience with combat shrapnel wounds, he was able to save 35 legs which lesser experienced surgeons probably would have amputated.  Karma again. 

I gave ej a shout out in my new novel Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?  He's Squeegee Caterson, a plastic surgeon made out of plastic.  He's able to elongate his fingers, go in through your nose, and take out your appendix.  My small way of saying thanks for his good work last year. 

Let's pray he never has to do anything like that again.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wolfman's Tee and Me! Tench-hut!

Wolfman's Tee and Me! 

Rachael Tirado spotted me wearing my Jessica Rabbit Salute Tee from a few days ago.  So she get's her picture posted with me and the Tee.

Congratulations, Rachael.  Good eye!


Wolfman's T-shirt of the Day.  

On my recent trip to Russia, i got a tour of Star City, the top secret Russian cosmonaut training facility.  I went for a ride in the the world's largest centrifuge,  Didn't barf!  Also didn't go 1/100th the speed a cosmonaut would have gone.  Did the flight simulator.  Crashed every time.  Saw the underwater facility they use to simulate weightlessness. 

And got this cool T-shirt and really warm Russian Army hat. 

I was there at the invitation of the head of the Russian cosmonaut training program.  He was a big fan of my writing.  Not the Roger Rabbit stuff.  He didn't know about that.  He knew me as a science fiction writer.  His favorites were Killerbowl and The Resurrectionist.  Both soon to be major motion pictures.  So he'll be a happy Russian.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Wolfman's T-shirt of the Day. 

Let's all pop to attention and give a big salute to Jessica Rabbit. 

She deserves a standing O.  Jessica's  greatly improved the morale of at least a platoon of our fighting men. 

If you want to find out exactly what she's done to pick up the spirits of our boys in uniform, read my latest novel Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?  Available in digital form at a download near you.

Wolfman's Tee and Me! 

Rachael Tirado spotted me wearing my Jessica Rabbit Salute Tee from a few days ago.  So she get's her picture posted with me and the Tee.

Congratulations, Rachael.  Good eye!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Wolfman’s T-shirt of the Day. 

Army Strong.  I’m wearing this Tee in honor of my favorite nephew, Sergeant soon to be Warrant Officer Kevin Toomey.  I’ve accessorized my Tee with an Army lanyard and my Air Commando pot from Vietnam.

I was honored to be best man at Kevin’s wedding.  I was the shortest, flabbiest, baldest, weakest, and by far the oldest guy in the wedding party.

My neph’s currently an Army recruiter in Plattsburgh, NY.  If you’re thinking about signing up, give him a call.  He’ll a level headed and honest guy who’ll cut you a square deal.

If I was a couple of years younger, I’d re-up myself.